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Today we received the news that, Haven’s application has been approved and we are now authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority. We are absolutely delighted by the news and have been working hard to get Haven ready for life as a regulated firm.

The Financial Conduct Authority are the industries new regulator and have introduced new rules that will come into force today. Their main aim and focus is to provide protection for consumers, ensure that high standards are maintained and that all funeral plans offer fair value, are sold fairly and delivered as expected at time of need. All of which Haven focused heavily on prior to being regulated.

We welcome the changes that the Financial Conduct Authority have brought to the industry and look forward to working with our new regulator going forward. It is a positive step forward and will give all funeral plan holders confidence in their provider.


If you have moved house and not let us know please get in touch with your new address.
Please either ring 01706 230285 or email [email protected]

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